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The Urgent Challenge

The Covid-19 outbreak has heightened fear and anxiety across the globe, While social isolation measures are a critical tool for combating the contagion, they can also make us feel disconnected from ourselves and others. 

The Solution

Experts urge that pursuing meaningful activities and connecting virtually are both critical coping mechanisms during social isolation.

The Campaign

Project apART is a community-engaged art campaign powered by the Sorenson Impact Center to spark creativity and connection during quarantine. Now more than ever, we must band together to celebrate our shared humanity and resiliency. 

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How it works.


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get inspired.

Check out our home page & instagram to find the weekly visual prompt by our #apARTISToftheweek.


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create something.

Based on the weekly prompt, use your talents and create something. Anything! Seriously, we mean it! Run wild.


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upload & connect.

Upload your work to the site each tuesday for your chance to be featured as the next #apARTISToftheweek

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From your uploads, a committee of social impact artists will choose a post to be the #apARTISToftheweek. This artist's submission will be featured on our home page and instagram as our next visual prompt. Think: a visual game of telephone.

Our purpose is to encourage and share all of the creativity that we cultivate, so check out all submissions on the explore page, tag us for instagram shoutouts, and connect with our creative community. Let's GO!

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